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What is the best math tutoring site? 

There are many options when it comes to math tutoring. There are programs that offer tutoring in many subjects but don’t offer expert specialized help in math. There are programs that offer group lessons but don’t offer specialized 1:1 instruction. There are programs that connect you with 1:1 tutors but don’t offer a learning plan or ongoing support. Some programs are in person and some are exclusively online. Some programs use AI and present information through videos and materials without a real person engaging the student.  Other programs offer courses that are one size fits all, without customization. 

At My Math Experts, we are math experts and we only teach math. Our instruction is always 1:1 and we always customize a plan based on a thorough assessment and we set goals that our entire team shares and is accountable to achieve. Our entire team is there to support you at all times. 

In this article,  we will try to summarize some math tutoring options and compare them with My Math Experts. 

  1. Princeton Review. Princeton review offers packages with tutors that can teach 80+ subjects. The tutors are not certified and trained in only one area of expertise. There is also no unified plan with oversight. With My Math Experts, you receive an in-depth assessment and we customize an entire learning plan that is updated on a monthly basis as you proceed. Our tutors only teach math and are thoroughly trained in our method, they are true experts. Our whole team shares your goals and are accountable to achieve them. This is how we differentiate from Princeton Review. 
  2. Mathnasium. Mathnasium offers proprietary curriculum in a group setting. They only teach math, which is a plus and something that My Math Experts has in common with Mathnasium. We differ from Mathnasium in that our instruction is 1:1, which makes a major difference in outcomes. We also offer grade guarantees and are motivated to achieve custom goals that we set with you. 
  3.  Sylvan Learning Centers. Sylvan is also not specialized, they offer tutoring in many subjects. They do offer customized learning plans similar to My Math Experts. They have in-person instruction and they assign worksheets that students complete independently. We believe that My Math Experts is a superior way to learn because our tutors are trained in one just one subject and all instruction is 1:1. 
  4. Kumon Learning Centers. Kumon assigns worksheets that teach through repetition. There is little customization and little 1:1 instruction. They also create additional work for students to complete and their plans neglect schoolwork and school performance goals. They add work and create an additional burden on students and parents, which is the opposite of the My Math Experts mission. At My Math Experts, our mission is to relieve pressure and make lives easier for families. 
  5. Thinkster Math. Thinkster Math uses AI and assigns problems and worksheets to students based on their performance from previous worksheets. There is no 1:1 engagement through human interaction and there is no assistance with school materials or focus on school performance. At My Math Experts, we believe that human interaction is how students learn best. Our program is fully human, it is people that design the learning plans and keep students and tutors accountable so that they can achieve great outcomes.
  6. Wyzant. Wyzant can be described as the uber of math tutoring. Wyzant connects learners and families with tutors of all subjects and of differing skill levels. They do not offer customized learning plans or any support beyond connecting you with a specific tutor. We operate differently and design customized plans and train all of our tutors to deliver the highest quality instruction. There is oversight of all instruction and every person at My Math Experts is dedicated to your goals and the Success Plan that we design together. 

So what is the best math tutoring site? My Math Experts is the best math tutoring site for three reasons: 

  1. All instruction is 1:1 with a human that is an expert and specializes in the My Math Experts system and only teaches math. 
  2. Every student receives a customized plan that unifies all instruction and every person at My Math Experts shares your goals and is accountable to achieve them. 
  3. Our mission is to help students and families with school outcomes. We relieve the tension and friction that math classes can create within families because we know that pressure is very real. We do this by delivering organization and accountability within a unified plan with expert instruction, and we deliver great educational outcomes. 

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