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How does the MME Assessment & Curriculum process work?

Step 1: Pre-Assessment

Our expert tutors administer a pre-assessment for students upon request or upon our recommendation, during the school year. Every summer student completes a pre-assessment.

Once an assessment is completed, an assessment report is generated and sent to the student’s family, along with a list of the topics that they will work on throughout their program, always 1:1 with a certified math teacher.

Sample Assessment Report

Topics List Examples

Step 2: Learning Plan

Based on the results of the student’s pre-assessment, a learning plan is generated that includes material from all of the topics that they got incorrect. This learning plan is what the tutor will work on with the student during their tutoring sessions. Families can opt in to have a physical binder with these materials sent to their student to help them follow along during sessions.

Sample Learning Plan Pages

Step 3: Re-Assessment

After the student completes their Learning Plan with an expert, we will re-administer the pre-assessment. This helps us measure and communicate objectively how much a student has learned from their Learning Plan. Families will once again receive these results as an assessment report. Most students will then move on and take another pre-assessment at the next grade level. 

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