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What happens after enrollment?

What happens after enrollment?

Your recurring sessions are scheduled. In the first session(s), your tutor will assess your student’s math skills and review the class materials available, and discuss student and family goals to create a Personalized Success Plan. We’ll send this after the first couple of sessions and refine our goals and plan based on your feedback.

How do I launch each session?

You’ll receive a Session Reminder email 30 hours prior with a link to the Online Lesson Space. Click to join your tutor at the session time. Email your tutor for link/launch issues. You can also launch sessions from the calendar in your user account.

What tech do I need?

We recommend a computer rather than a phone or tablet, and Chrome or Firefox browsers are optimized for the Online Lesson Space.

Any immediate tips for success?

Sure! Confirm and log in to your user account now, and watch the user account tutorial video sent in the enrollment confirmation. Also, plan your schedule changes/additions in advance – monthly planning is ideal, weekly is best, 24 hours in advance will also work – the further out you plan, the more session options you will have.

Do you have any more tips for success?

Share all class information and historical context for better planning and success, during intake and beyond – the more information we have, the better your student will do!


Can I make individual session schedule changes?

Reschedule or add sessions through the user account calendar. 60-minute regular sessions can be booked up to 24 hours before the start of a session. 30-minute Emergency sessions can be booked up to the session start time. To reschedule, you’d cancel the first session and book another. Tip: use the “Select Teacher” drop down to filter by your assigned tutor.

Are there any limits on schedule changes?

No, but consistency benefits learning and is a cornerstone of our system. Of course, we know how busy families’ lives are, so we still build in a lot of flexibility for schedule changes as needed.

How do emergency sessions work?

You can book same-day emergency sessions for urgent needs. Email homework materials in advance for best results – we can’t guarantee the efficacy of an e-session without advance materials. Thank your tutor – they generously offer to be on call for these emergency sessions, because they care about your student. Its true, they really do!

Should I contact my tutor for scheduling changes?

Tutors handle content; individual schedule changes can be made through the user account. It is unlikely that tutors will have any availability outside of what is shown on the user account calendar. Recurring session schedule changes, and any other alternative scheduling requests, can go to a Director or Ass’t Director.

When can I book with an alternate tutor?

Only for emergency sessions. Tutor consistency is more important than almost any other factor, for success.

Can I access the user account from my phone?

Yes, navigate to the “Full Calendar” to see the desktop view you know and love. Hit the “Options” button to use the “Select Teacher” drop down to filter by your assigned tutor.


How does billing work?

Automatic monthly billing will occur on the 1st, based on your plan type. View invoices and update billing info from the billing tab in your user account.

Can I book extra sessions?

Yes, book as many as you need; overages are billed at $70/hr.

Do unused sessions roll over month to month?

No, unused sessions don’t roll over month to month, and we don’t track usage so please proactively manage your schedule.

Can I cancel a session?

Yes, cancellations within 24 hours or missed sessions count as used sessions for billing purposes, however. You can cancel sessions from the link in the Session Reminder emails or from the calendar in your user account.

Can I change my plan type?

Yes, simply notify us by month-end for next month’s change.

Can I pay for a partial month?

We only pro-rate the first month of enrollment; consider the Flex Plan for more flexibility during months you may not reach the monthly session allowance.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, just notify us by month-end to avoid billing for the following month. No refunds will be processed after billing occurs.

Are there any holiday closures?

We will be closed on July 4th, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), and Dec 24 – Jan 1, inclusive. December will still be billed at the full monthly billing amount, as students book extra sessions for finals, and we staff extra tutors for this purpose. Also, we allow for unused sessions to roll over from December to January due to the shortened month. We also allow rollovers from June to July, to allow for ultimate flexibility with summer travel.


How do I track student progress?

You’ll receive a Personalized Success Plan during intake and session notes after each session. Updates on the long-term goals outlined in the Personalized Success Plan, and the creation of new goals, are sent in a detailed Mid-Semester and/or Mid-Summer Update. Director/Ass’t Director meetings or calls are also available at any time.

How does MME track student progress?

We meet 1:1 with each tutor at least 2x/month (often more!) and discuss every single student’s progress, and offer support/ideas and help by coordinating with families, as needed, so tutors can focus on teaching. This tutor collaboration is where the magic happens. We also have the Assessment & Curriculum Process for families that opt into that, which gives us objective data on progress.

Can I add or update emails/phone numbers and notification settings?

Yes, you can manage emails/phone numbers and notification settings in your user account profile.

Who do I contact for what?

Tutors handle math content and session launch issues. Directors handle recurring scheduling changes, plan type changes and billing questions, and tutor or management issues.

How do I share materials with my tutor?

Email homework or study guides directly to your tutor.

What is my tutor’s email?

Find tutor bios with email addresses and specialties, on the tutors page of the website.