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We serve students from Arcadia to Central Phoenix and the East Valley, West Valley and North Phoenix. Math education in greater Phoenix, Arizona, is taking a significant leap forward by integrating rigorous academic standards with the unique resources of this vibrant community. Recognizing the diverse needs of its students, Arcadia has welcomed the personalized approach of 1:1 math tutoring offered by My Math Experts. This innovative program pairs students with certified math teachers and college professors, providing customized instruction that aligns with each learner’s specific needs, pace, and style. The result of this targeted support is a substantial improvement in educational outcomes, enhancing students’ understanding of math concepts, honing their problem-solving abilities, and increasing their confidence in math.

My Math Experts is honored to contribute to the educational advancement of students in Arcadia, supporting both public and private educational institutions known for their commitment to excellence. This includes esteemed schools within the Arcadia area such as Arcadia High School, known for its robust STEM curriculum, and private schools like Phoenix Country Day School and Christ Lutheran School. We also work with schools in other parts of the valley like Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory, Northwest Christian and All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, among many others. These communities offer advanced technological resources and a plethora of math-related extracurricular opportunities. Combined with the support from My Math Experts, families can experience an enriched learning environment that fosters student growth and development.

The mission of My Math Experts in Arcadia and greater Phoenix is to elevate the standard of math education by empowering students to excel in mathematics and unlock their full potential. Through our dedicated 1:1 tutoring program, we aim to enhance each student’s educational journey, ensuring they achieve and surpass math proficiency. Beyond academic success, we strive to equip students with critical analytical and problem-solving skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Our partnership with Arcadia’s schools and community underscores our collective dedication to nurturing the intellectual and personal growth of every student, paving the way for their future successes.


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