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There are many math tutoring options out there, so consider several factors. What are you looking for in a Math Tutor? Are you okay with a tutor that works with multiple students at once? What qualifications do you want your tutor to have? What age? What gender? Foreign or Local? Online or in-person? Consistent sessions or on-demand tutoring? Do you want the same dedicated tutor or are you okay with multiple different tutors? Do you want an individual tutor or a program that handles administration of the learning plan and tutor management?

I can tell you what I have determined is the best solution. It’s pretty simple. 1:1 help with a state certified math teacher leads to the best educational outcomes. Also, consistency is the only way to make real progress with learning, and it takes time. A dedicated tutor is far superior to the alternative, to ensure learning continuity and long term goal setting and lesson planning. Any teacher, and common sense, will confirm these points. The rest are personal preference. As a parent with limited time, I’d always recommend a program that oversees tutor accountability and progress tracking. Managing all this with an individual tutor can be difficult and time-consuming and with some tutors, it is impossible.

Here are some other questions you could ask a math tutor when considering options. I would also request a free trial or assessment session so they can answer these questions in response to your students particular situation and skill levels. I’ve added our answers to each question, as well.

  • What would be your goals when working with my student? Build skills or focus primarily on homework completion? Grade improvement? Improve test taking skills?

I can’t answer this as I haven’t met your student but here’s my advice: be specific with your goals and make sure your goals can align with the tutors. Tutors should have a process for goal setting and communicate those goals during the intake process.

Online Tutor

My Math Experts offers a 30 minute free trial with a potential dedicated tutor and our director. We’ll set goals together and discuss specific targets and context for your student, during that trial.

It’s good if they can do this, even if your goals are that they work on school material only. A supplemental lesson plan and goal setting will lead to better outcomes, even if the learning plan never sees the light of day.

My Math Experts has hundreds and hundreds of pages of proprietary curriculum and a structured assessment process that generates a custom learning plan for your student. This can be a supplement to homework or the focus of sessions.

  • Do they have an accountability system or support system? Do they have a way to objectively show progress? How do they communicate progress with you?

They should have a clear and consistent answer and process for this, whatever it is. If a plan for this doesn’t exist, that would be a red flag for me

My Math Experts sends Intake Notes with a custom success plan to families within 2 sessions, for their input and review. Session notes are sent after each session, and regular update forms are sent with big picture updates. Our director and assistant director meet with each tutor weekly or bi weekly and discuss each students progress. We provide support and ideas and even purchase student textbooks for tutors, and more. We hold each other accountable by discussing progress at regular intervals.

  • What are your prices?

I would be wary of people charging too much or too little. Expertise is worth it.

At My Math Experts, we charge $350/month for up to 5 hours of 1:1 expert instruction and $650/month for up to 10 hours of 1:1 expert instruction.

Call or email to learn more. We’re happy to be a resource, even if you’re not sure that My Math Experts is the solution for you. Or book a free trial!

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-Kevin Kemper, director of MME