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We were founded in Phoenix, Arizona and have decades of experience helping students and families. That is our passion and mission. Check out what our families have to say about us – we have made alot of fans!

After organically growing to help several students in the greater Tucson area, we decided to expand to this exceptional market. We love our Tucson students and families and want to help more of them. We also have tons of friends and family so it was a natural next step. Come see what makes us great and let us help your student become a math expert! Book a free trial and we’ll follow up with detailed recommendations to help your family succeed with math. If you decide to enroll after the free trial, our Tucson customers will also receive 5% off their first month. We can’t wait to get started! Call me or email me any time.

– Kevin, Founder & Director

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My Math Experts raised low achieving math students to levels that were beyond expectation.  The students referred by the school were able to return to the math classes that corresponded with their grade levels.  The impact the sessions received by the students elevated their confidence in math to a completely new level of accomplishment.  As an administrator, I plan to recommend My Math Experts to any student who desires to shore up math gaps, make up math credits, or prepare for math exams.  Parents shared the financial investment was worth every dollar.  The My Math Experts who interacted with students were affirming and held students to a high standard of accountability.

– Sheryl J. Temple, Head of School - Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory

Thanks for a great year! She improved leaps and bounds and enjoyed working with you! Have a great summer and she’ll see you in August!

– Stacie

Kevin!! McKenzies Geometry teacher, Mr. Chang, just called!! She earned a 90% on last weeks test and today she scored a 100% on her test!!!! Thx so so much for the help your team is giving her!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 SOOO PROUD of her and grateful!

– Lexi L.

After over a year of remote learning my son had fallen behind in a few subjects, most notably math, and we needed to find a math tutor. In my day all math tutoring was done in-person, but I was relieved to find My Math Experts offers online math tutoring. And the best part? The online math tutor we’ve been working with is already showing results! I no longer feel like we’re falling further behind.

– Conrad H.

I do want to give a shout out to (our) tutor. We were on our way home from the lake and he was telling his friends about how nice his tutor was. Coming out of a teenage boys mouth, says a lot :).

– Katie G.

He ended the school year with a 1st place finish in the 5th grade honors Math Olympics.He has made so much progress. I’m so excited to see what he accomplishes this year!

– Ashley F.

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My Math Experts is owned and operated by brother and sister team, Kevin Kemper and Jessie Kemper. Contact us anytime.